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Situated down here the southern tip of Monaco, Fontvieille is known for its charming harbour and the rugged cliffs and hillside that rise above it. This natural beauty provides a charming frame for the ward’s famous architecture and makes Fontvieille as attractive as it is bustling. This southernmost ward is also home to the region’s legendary football team — AS Monaco.

With a population of over 3,000, Fontvieille has the energetic, chic atmosphere for which Monaco has become famous. This effect is augmented by the azure waters of the Med that lap at the harbour walls, and the signature sunsets that have become associated with this beguiling location.

Fontvieille Market Update 2020

The most recent year for which complete data is available, 2018, shows that this newer ‘suburb’ of Monaco continues to grow in popularity as a global audience starts to appreciate the attractions of the Fontvielle quarter. In 2018 there were 44 resales in Fontvieille, a 15% increase in transaction volumes over the previous year.

Even more impressive is that the average resale price rose by almost 25%, from €4.176,000 to €5,343,000. This partly reflects a trend for more families to move to Monaco with a desire for larger properties offering 3 o 4 bedrooms. That said, demand remains strong at the lower end of the market with 1 bedroom apartments in the €2-3 million range tending to be snapped up quickly when they come to market.

Monaco Real Estate - Fontvieille Monaco

Living in Fontvieille

The local marina is perhaps the most famous and instantly recognisable landmark here, and it is this feature that takes centre stage in many photographs of the region. This is a prime location for yachting, and for enjoying the delights of the Mediterranean. On land, the ward has followed suit, and some of the finest restaurants and shopping options in Monaco are found right here in Fontvieille, catering to residents and short term visitors alike.

This represents just a taste of what Fontvieille has to offer. There are other facilities, amenities, and landmarks for residents and visitors to enjoy, also. A naval museum, zoological gardens, and a heliport are all found in the vicinity of this region, as are numerous public works projects completed while Prince Rainier was regent of Monaco. You can also enjoy the rich history of the city’s football team, AS Monaco who play in the French Ligue 1 division, and who play their games at Stade Louis II in the district.

Real Estate in Fontvieille

Fontvieille offers a variety of apartments available for sales and for lease.  You can find luxury waterfront penthouses with roof-top terraces, studios, and other sizes to fit your individual needs.  Properties in Fontvieille tend to be slightly larger and newer than in other districts.  Most buildings share similar architecture style with only a few buildings that offer a unique character and luxurious amenities for its residents.   Take a look at some of the most popular property options below.

Terasses du Port

The view from Terrasses du Port — located on Av. du Ligures, one of the key locations for apartments in Fontvieille — takes in the Cap D’All harbour. As such, real estate facing towards the sea may carry a higher price tag.

Built in 2004, this development quickly became a favourite among prospective real estate investors and potential rental tenants.

Seaside Plaza

There are many options for apartments on Av. du Ligures in Fontvieille, and Seaside Plaza is another famous development on this thoroughfare. Spread across three wings, the complex includes properties in Rocher, Mer, and Roserale, each with their own special character.

There are 16 floors at Seaside Plaza, which translates to a broad range of different property options for purchase or for rent.

Eden Star

Eden Star is well positioned for reaching many of Fontvieille’s most famous attractions, including the local heliport, the naval museum, and the zoological gardens at Jardins Exotique, among others. It is also a prime spot for a great sea view.

Le Donatello

Le Donatello on Av. de Papalins features an aesthetic that is purely Mediterranean, thanks to its attractive and tasteful terracotta finish. This only adds to the pleasing atmosphere of the development.

Monte Marina

Monte Marina is a gated community, complete with communal pool and a charming waterfront location. The development also features many different apartments for investors and rental tenants alike to choose from. However, it is the penthouse property here that is perhaps the most famous, with its terraces and its private pool area.

Le Raphael

Le Raphael is found on the harbourside and is well located near Fontvieille’s local attractions. This is another one of Fontvieille’s premier apartment complexes, and Le Raphael’s stunning location is made even better by its proximity to the ward’s best restaurants and shopping options.

Fontvieille’s prestige as one of the Mediterranean’s top locations for fine real estate is demonstrated by the abundance of options available here. We have covered a few for you above, but there is always more to discover down here at the southern tip of Monaco. The district really does have something for everyone.