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Named for the remarkable botanical gardens located in this region of Monaco, Jardin Exotique is one of the most unique areas of the principality. With a cliffside appointment, the neighbourhood provides unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as other areas of Monaco, such as the famous Monte Carlo.

While the gardens are certainly the most famous landmark in the area, this part of Monaco — set a little way back from the coast, on higher ground in the state’s south-west — is also home to plenty of great real estate options. 5,117 people call this part of Monaco home, or 14% of the country’s total population.

Jardin Exotique Market Update 2020

The Jardin Exotique district of Monaco has proved to be one of the best invetsments with a capital growth of 77% in 10 years.  If there’s such a concept as ‘good value’ in a property market like Monaco, this quarter is it! Prices per square metre are among the lowest in the Principality at around €39,800.

The number of resales inJardin Exotique was actually down slightly in 2018 at 46 transactions while the average price paid came in at just under €3 million.

Monaco Real Estate - Jardin Exotique Monaco

Living in Jardin Exotique

The gardens here, which first opened in 1912 during the reign of Albert I, cannot be overlooked, with their wealth of global flora and famous grotto. However, there are other attractions that make Jardin Exotique a great place to live. As with all of Monaco’s districts, shopping and dining options are excellent. Leading amenities such as the Princess Grace Hospital are also found here.

Real Estate in Jardin Exotique

Jardin Exotique is a popular location for real estate sales in Monaco, and the market here is an active one. Below you can discover some of the most important properties for rent and sale in the district.

Patio Palace

Patio Palace presents a striking and singular aesthetic thanks to the architecture of its curved frontage. There is also a shared outdoor pool area onsite, as well as numerous apartment options for sale or rent.

Les Ligures

At 21 storeys, Les Ligures is difficult to miss on the Jardin Exotique skyline. It is also a famous, luxury, multi-use development, with residential units, boutiques, offices, and art galleries all found here.


Bettina is found on rue Honore Labande in Jardin Exotique. There are commercial and residential real estate options for sale and rent here.

Garden House

A near neighbour to Bettina, Garden House is also to be found on rue Honore Labande. In fact, this road is one of the district’s most famous neighbourhoods, with many different options for investors.

Eden Tower

Eden Tower was constructed back in 1958 and features signature balconies in curved neo-classical style architecture.


Those looking for a different perspective on Monaco should turn their attention towards the property for sale and rent in Jardin Exotique. This district is possessed with a unique character, and the property for sale and rent here will start you thinking about Monaco in a completely new way.