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Few wards of Monaco are as famous or as iconic as La Condamine. Monte Carlo to the north might edge it in terms of global renown, but the harbourside district of central Monaco is key to the history, aesthetic, and identity of the principality.

La Condamine was one of the original municipalities of Monaco before the territory was restructured into wards. Today, it is one of the most bustling of all Monaco’s vibrant areas, packing almost 3,700 people into only 0.3 square kilometres of space. Despite this, La Condamine maintains a genteel and sophisticated atmosphere that makes it ideal for living and working in.

La Condamine Market Update 2020

While transaction numbers slowed in La Condamine compared to 2017, the average price per square metre rocketed by 34% from €38,400 to €51,500. This was also reflected in sales prices which grew from €3,733,000 to €4,561,000. That’s as near a 22% increase as makes no difference.

So if you already owned a €3.7m property at the start of 2018 your net worth would have increased by €828,000 in 12 months. It beats working for a living…

Monaco Real Estate - La Condamine Monaco

Living in La Condamine

La Condamine is an important district in terms of commerce and business in Monaco, and is home to some of the principality’s key commercial areas. However, there are other attractions here, including the famous harbour, which is a great place for anyone who loves yachting, sailing, or just gazing at row after row of beautifully designed craft.
Visitors and residents can also enjoy the famous La Condamine market, as well as the Rue Princesse Caroline walking street, among other delights in the area.

Real Estate in La Condamine

With La Condamine’s bustling commerce and also its wealth of amenities, it is no wonder that the district is such a popular place to rent or buy an apartment. Here, we take a look at some of the most popular real estate locations in this part of Monaco.

Le Stella

Le Stella is a relatively new addition to Monaco’s skyline, but it already looks set to become an iconic one. Unique lines and visionary architecture make this location on rue Hubert Clerissi a very special one indeed.


Montana is quickly becoming one of La Condamine’s most sought after property purchase locations, although there are also rental options available too.

Soleil d’Or

Soleil d’Or — Golden Sunlight — certainly lives up to its name. This famous piece of architecture features great sea views, and most apartments get a lot of natural light from the sun. You’ll find Port Hercule just a few metres away.

Villa Floriane

The architecture of Villa Floriane is perhaps a little more understated than some of its competitors on the list, but the development on rue Princesse Florestine more than holds its own when it comes to the quality of the real estate on offer.

Villa Belleview (Grimaldi)

The Villa Belleview has been a part of Monaco’s skyline for over a century and a half. The development on rue Grimaldi is still providing great investment options for real estate buyers.


Out of all of Monaco’s districts, La Condamine is among the most iconic and historic. However, its charms are not consigned to the past, and this modern, energetic, and endlessly stylish ward has much to offer.