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The coastline at Larvotto provides Monaco with some of its most sumptuous and iconic views. The easternmost ward of the principality, and bordering La Rousse-Saint Roman to the north and Monte Carlo to the north and west, Larvotto enjoys a broad, arcing coastline, coupled with the rugged majesty of the rising hills above.


Larvotto Market Update 2020

This is where you will find the ambitious €2 billion Portier Cove project, set to become the first eco district but also the most expensive real estate in the world. Contacts are telling me prices will start at €120,000 per square metre when the project is ready in 2025!     


Larvotto is also the most expensive district in Monaco with average prices remaining steady at €14,600,000 in 2018. As in 2017, there were just a handful of transactions during the year. This is truly the most expensive quarter of the world’s most expensive real estate market.

Monaco Real Estate - Larvotto Market

Living in Larvotto

Larvotto was once a part of the broader Monte Carlo municipality  but has been run as an administrative ward in its own right for many decades. The region’s proximity to the French Cote d’Azur makes it an important location for yachting as well as for enjoying all of the beachside attractions and amenities that come with the yachting lifestyle.
Landmarks in this area include the Grimaldi Forum conference centre, and the Sporting Monte Carlo entertainment and cultural complex.

Real Estate in Larvotto

Larvotto’s location makes it a prime spot for real estate investment, and, as you might expect, some of the premiere pieces of real estate on the Monegasque market are found here. These properties are chiefly located on or around two major thoroughfares in the ward — Av. Princesse Grace, and Larvotto Blvd.
Av. Princesse Grace

Known for being the most expensive residential street in the world, Av. Princesse Grace is appropriately named in honour of movie star Grace Kelly, who served as Princess Consort of Monaco from 1958 until her death in 1982. This glamorous avenue is also well known for featuring mainly rental properties, although there are also options for purchase as La Reserve or 21 Princesse Grace buildings. If you have your eye on the rental market, developments such as Bahia, L’Estoril, Houston Palace, and Roccabella provide a range of options.  There are additional properties where you can buy or rent an apartment at the Larvotto Blvd – here are some of the popular options:



Casablanca is a charming 13 storey high rise in Larvotto.

Floridian Palace

Floridian Palace is located at 21 Larvotto Blvd, Floridian Palace offers rental and purchase options to would be investors.


Florestan is a relatively modern development that retains those age-old stylistic elements of La Belle Epoque in its design.


Vallespir features a variety of properties to rent and purchase, including the luxurious penthouse with ocean views and a private swimming pool.


Tucked away in the corner of Monaco, Larvotto could easily have been an afterthought — a second fiddle player to the virtuosos of Monte Carlo and La Condamine — but this is not the case. With many strings to its bow, Larvotto is one of Monaco’s most sought after locations, and its real estate options demonstrate this.