Luxury apartments in Monte Carlo’s Golden Square are synonymous with prestige. Home to some of the finest appointed apartments and penthouses, the Golden Square simply oozes glamour and culture. Monte Carlo provides a unique atmosphere, economic growth, political stability as well as the tax exemptions that make real estate investing so enticing.

History abounds in Monte Carlo, most famous for its lavishly decorated Casino de Monte-Carlo, which was built in the 1800s. Over the years, the casino has expanded into a full entertainment complex that includes four gaming rooms, private and VIP lounges, a theatre, and exclusive restaurants and bars. The casino was featured in a variety of films including the James Bond classics, Never Say Never Again and Golden Eye.

Surrounding the casino are many other iconic sights such as the majestic, 5-star Hôtel de Paris and the Brasserie du Café de Paris, a Parisian bistro. Salle Garnier, the casino theatre, is home to the Opéra de Monte-Carlo. For those who want to relax, an assortment of spa treatments is available at Les Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. Additionally, the town is known for holding world-class sporting events such as the famous Monte Carlo car rally, the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, and the Monaco Grand Prix. Formula One enthusiasts have an option to acquire an apartment in Monte Carlo overlooking the race circuit and enjoy the F1 event from their terraces.

Real Estate in Monte Carlo's Golden Square
Real Estate in Monte Carlo’s Golden Square

Apartments and Penthouses in other areas of Monte Carlo

Properties in Monte Carlo primarily consist of luxury apartments and penthouses. Villas are available but are very limited due to the small size of the Principality. The Carre d’Or, or Golden Square, which is located in the centre of Monte Carlo, closest to the casino gardens, is the most prestigious and expensive location in Monaco. There are many sumptuous apartment buildings in the Golden Square to choose from, although, as is the case for most of the Principality, the limited land resources mean that there is very little new development – La Petite Afrique is the most recent residential development in the Golden Square.

Luxury Living in Monte Carlo

Even in a country as small as Monaco, where one can easily get through the day without having to drive anywhere, living in the Golden Square provides a unique experience. Apartments and penthouses in Monte Carlo’s Golden Square are popular among many UHNWIs for its glamour, uniqueness, and interesting neighbours. It is highly likely one will rub shoulders with Monaco’s famous and elite residents in local cafes and restaurants on a regular basis.

Living in the Golden Square is not only a symbol of one’s status, it is also a sound financial investment due to the limited supply. Because the Golden Square is such an exclusive area in one of the most desirable locations of Monte Carlo, the lavish apartments and penthouses are highly sought after and do not stay on the market for long. It is common for these properties to be privately listed with real estate agents without any public advertising.  Luxury Apartments in Monte Carlo’s Golden Square can cost more than 100,000 euro per square metre.

The famous Avenue Princesse Grace, although not in Monte Carlo, is considered one of the most expensive streets in the world. Named after Grace Kelly, properties on this waterfront street are conveniently located with quick and easy access to Monte Carlo’s Golden Square.

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