Monaco estate agents are a major source of properties in the Principality; close to 100% of property dealings are completed with the participation of estate agents.
There are over 100 local agencies servicing clients from all over the world. In addition to Monaco-based estate agencies, there are the French Riviera and other international agencies based in the UK, Switzerland, Russia, and other countries which typically represent sellers and buyers linked to their home country.
Every real estate sales transaction, regardless of whether the estate agency is based in Monaco or in another country, must be administered and approved by the local notary public. It reviews all the necessary documents and helps safeguard the interests of both the property seller and the buyer. The local notary public is also responsible for ensuring that the deed is transferred in accordance with the requirements of local laws. There are three notary public officials appointed by the Principality to handle all the real estate transactions in Monaco.

Single Estate Agent Property Listings

Monaco’s residents represent over 125 different nationalities, which over time has shaped the local property market into a global luxury real estate business. Property owners list their properties for sale with different estate agencies within and outside of Monaco. This makes it practically impossible for any single agency to have a portfolio of all available properties on the market. Nevertheless, almost every single property for sale in the Principality can be viewed with a single real estate agency. Most Monaco estate agents recognise the value of collaboration with other local and international agencies to optimise business results. There are multiple benefits from working with one agency for clients as well. It saves time, provides more privacy, and keeps the agency highly motivated to find the right property. If the client finds a property listed by a different agency, it is good practice to let their dedicated estate agent handle the enquiries and viewing arrangements.

Unlike in the United States, where the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) enables estate agents to widely share information about properties with other agents who may represent potential buyers, estate agents in Monaco share information about available properties by working together in a more traditional, typically European way. They simply pick up the phone or email each other during the process of sourcing the right property for their client.

Exclusive and Privately Listed Properties

Monaco estate agents have access to the most exclusive apartments and villas, some of which are unlisted on the open market and cannot be found online. For privacy reasons, some property owners in Monaco don’t allow their property offers to be published in any media, especially the internet. Estate agents will be able to present these properties to clients only after conducting an initial client verification process to ensure that the interested party is a genuine, potential buyer.
The most convenient and effective way to find the right property in the Principality is to let an estate agency work its magic; an estate agent can unlock the doors to many exclusive and privately listed properties, saving lots of time for clients.

Monaco Estate Agency Fees

Monaco estate agents are experienced in dealing with Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs). They understand the essence of client-centred service, comfort and privacy.
It is a universal practice for all agencies in Monaco to charge buyer commission of 3%, exclusive of 20% VAT, with only a slight margin for negotiation.
In addition to real estate services, estate agents can provide helpful guidance in obtaining a residence permit or establishing a private banking relationship in Monaco.

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