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Monaco has ZERO Debt

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Banking in Monaco

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Health Insurance in Monaco

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Monaco’s Motor Sport Hat Trick

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The Monaco property Market in 2020

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10 reasons to live in Monaco

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Monaco Has The World’s Highest Score on the…

You may not know it exists, but the United Nations has a pseudo-scientific way of comparing one country against another in terms of how its citizens measure up against three key metrics:

Life expectancy at birth
Number of years of schooling
Gross national income per head of population

It’s called the Human Development Index (HDI) and the rationale behind it is laudable – there’s more to understanding a country than economic growth alone.[…]

10 Reasons To Live in Monaco

Ever wondered why Monaco is regarded as one of the most attractive places to live on planet earth? I could bore you for days with all the detail but let me summarise the Top Ten reasons for you in a couple of minutes.
A Hugely Attractive Tax Regime
If you let us guide you through the process of becoming resident in Monaco

The Monaco Property Market in 2020

If you’ve read my piece on 10 Reasons To Live in Monaco you will understand why there are more millionaires per head here than anywhere else on earth.
All kinds of successful people want to live here, mostly as a result of their efforts in business, sport or the media. Monaco has become a global brand and the cache of living here contributes to the steady and increasing demand. Match that with extremely limited supply and Economic 101 tells you that prices are mainly heading in one direction

How To Become A Monaco Resident

With the obvious benefits of living in Monaco, like a great climate, virtually no taxes and a very accessible location, it’s no surprise that lots of people want to come and live in the principality. You can stay for three months as a tourist, but any longer than that and you will need to apply for residency.
So how can you make the Monaco lifestyle a reality in your own life?

Monaco – A Haven Of Freedom and Security…

There’s a lot more to Monaco than mere tax-free living.
The weird year of 2020 has made wealthy families the world over reconsider their priorities. All the money in the world doesn’t matter if you lose your health or your freedom. While many European countries like Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom have been deeply scarred by the Covid19 pandemic, the tiny principality of Monaco has remained virtually untouched.
The United States is now experiencing perhaps the biggest impact of any developed nation from the virus,[…]

New BBC Series Shows Monaco’s Enduring Fascination

There’s nothing new about television programmes offering a window into the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
But there’s no escaping the fact that the tiny principality of Monaco holds an endless fascination for the viewing public. Not long after Eamon Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford made a one-off broadcast where they visited real estate for sale and one of the world’s most expensive hotel suites at the Hermitage, we now have a three part BBC series called Inside Monaco.[…]

Monaco Real Estate – Not As Mad As…

A first glance at property prices in Monaco will make you laugh or cry.
Fancy a nice view of the harbour from your spacious 2 bedroom apartment? You’ll need to be able to write a cheque for €20 to €30 million as a starting point. The smallest studio will be pushing €2 million and the average price across all transactions is in the €4.5 million to €6.5 million range.
It all comes down to economics 101,[…]

What you need to know about renting a…

Monaco is an attractive location to establish a private residence, go on vacation or to set-up a business. For this reason, the Principality is known for tourism, business, and a fantastic place to live around the world.  Before you decide to settle in Monaco and start searching for an apartment or villa to rent, there are some key facts to keep in mind about the Principality.

Where to start

One should always ask an estate agent for help when searching for a property in Monaco.   […]

Can Monaco real estate be used as a…

Monaco has been the most expensive real estate market in the world for four consecutive years. The average property price has increased by 6% to 4.5 mln EUR in 2017. Shortage of new residential properties is being felt within all segments of the market and is pushing property values to new levels. Can this value growth be sustained and should real estate investors be attracted to the property market in Monaco amid the latest global,[…]

The process of buying real estate in Monaco

The process of buying real estate in Monaco is fairly straightforward, even if different and unique in some aspects from that of other countries, including France. There are three notary public officials appointed by the Princely Order acting on behalf of the state who participate in transactions from the offer stage to the legal transfer of the property. The main responsibility of the notary public is authenticating the property transfers and ensuring that the interests of the buyer and the seller are properly protected from beginning to end.[…]

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