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Stay up to date on Monaco’s property market. We cover topics important to real estate buyers and sellers, including current and historical property prices, sales volumes, property supply/demand forecasts, unique real estate investment opportunities in Monaco, and other useful and interesting information about luxury real estate markets. Find inspiration in our videos and photos of beautifully designed and luxurious homes in Monte Carlo or other locations in Monaco.

Monaco has ZERO Debt

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Banking in Monaco

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Health Insurance in Monaco

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Monaco’s Motor Sport Hat Trick

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The Monaco property Market in 2020

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10 reasons to live in Monaco

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Even billionaires are suffering from inflation

Inflation hits billionaires too…
We’re all seeing the impact of rising prices, but some products and services used by the wealthiest among us have seen eye-watering increases in the last twelve months.
Forbes magazine has been charting a basket of luxury items in its Cost Of Living Extremely Well Index (CLEWI) for 40 years.
As this chart shows, their inflation rate in 2021 was 10.1%, twice the rate of the official CPI and the highest since the financial crisis of 2008:

Despite the pandemic,[…]

Monaco Has The World’s Highest Score on the…

You may not know it exists, but the United Nations has a pseudo-scientific way of comparing one country against another in terms of how its citizens measure up against three key metrics:

Life expectancy at birth
Number of years of schooling
Gross national income per head of population

It’s called the Human Development Index (HDI) and the rationale behind it is laudable – there’s more to understanding a country than economic growth alone.[…]

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