Monaco Apartments for rent

Monaco apartments for rent range from small studios to luxury triplexes and penthouses with beautiful views and luxury amenities in all districts. The majority of the property rental market in Monaco consists of apartments with only a few luxury villas and townhouses available for long-term rentals.   Property ownership or rental agreement is one of the key requirements for obtaining a residence permit in the Principality. Monaco Estate will help you find the right apartment or villa for rent that meets your lifestyle preferences and the residence permit or business registration requirements. Our knowledge of the local property market allows us to protect your interests and make the rental process smooth and secure.

Monaco luxury rentals

Monaco offers luxury apartments, penthouses, and villas for rent.  There are many important factors to consider before renting an apartment or a villa in Monaco. The selection criteria will differ depending upon the main purpose of the property rental (main residence vs. second home) and other individual preferences. One of the strongest forces behind the high demand for rentals is a continuous migration of new residents into the Principality for the purpose of making Monaco a new home. Monaco Estate provides assistance and guidance to ensure that selected properties meet our clients’ individual requirements and conform with the Principality’s standard of living guidelines.

Popular districts and apartment buildings

Despite its small size, each district in Monaco has a different character and ignites different emotions. Monte Carlo, the most iconic, glamorous and vibrant location in the Principality offers centrally located luxury apartment rentals in the Park Palace, George V,  Mirabeau, the Monte Carlo Star, and in the prestigious Le Metropole. Living in Monte Carlo is very convenient, interesting, and lively – especially during the summer season.  Monaco apartments for rent can be easily found in all other districts,  including Larvotto, La Rousse, Jardin Exotique, and Fontvieille. The Larvotto district – especially Princess Grace Avenue – almost entirely consists of apartments for rent. This waterfront location with popular restaurants, clubs, and beach make the Larvotto district one of the most desirable locations. Fontvieille, despite being Monaco’s most commercialised district, has a large selection of apartments for rent in prestigious waterfront residential neighbourhoods with many modern buildings. One of the unique benefits of Fontvieille is that its residents can moor their yachts in front of the apartment terraces. The luxurious Terrace du Port and the Seaside Plaza are the two best-known apartments buildings.

Monaco Estate’s apartment rental sourcing service

Monaco rentals constitute the most dynamic segment of the local market, in which demand often exceeds supply, especially for the most desirable property sizes and locations. Attractive apartments for rent in Monte Carlo and in other sought-after districts often find new tenants before the property is listed on the open market. Monaco Estate offers a convenient and reliable apartment sourcing service designed to find the right property for our clients when they are needed.