Monaco houses for sale

Monaco houses and villas for sale are in high demand as many wealthy families from different parts of the world who wish to relocate to the Principality and live in similar conditions to their home country. Owning a villa in Monaco offers more space, more privacy, more independence, and sometimes even a garden for children to play in. Ownership of a house/villa in a country where apartments account for more than 99% of all properties and where the property prices are the highest in the world also carries a strong status statement.

Low supply of houses and villas for sale in Monaco combined with strong demand, provide high liquidity for this type of property, despite their high prices. This trend should continue into the future and is likely to get even more apartment-dominated. The availability of land for new residential developments in Monaco is extremely limited and even the newest reclamation endeavour, in which some 6 hectares of land will be reclaimed from the sea, will primarily consist of apartments, with only a few villas being added to the country’s skyline.
The growing number of Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) across the world will keep the demand for Monaco’s houses and villas high. Prices are likely to increase even further.

Finding Monaco’s best houses/villas for sale

The current property ownership change ratio in Monaco is at approx. 36 years, thus finding Monaco houses for sale can be challenging and time-consuming. Moreover, for privacy reasons, most prime villas are privately listed and are not advertised on the open market. Monaco Estate offers access to luxury houses and villas in Monaco and makes sourcing of the right property easier through its network of property owners and affiliated partners.

Luxury houses/villas for sale can be found in Monte Carlo, La Rousse, and some other districts. Boulevard de Suisse is an example of a street in Monte Carlo where prime villas overlook the Castle and the sea. As ever, property location is key to ensuring enjoyable surroundings and solid investment value.

Other properties for sale in Monaco

Monaco houses for sale are in high demand, but the market offers alternative properties with similar comfort level – spacious duplexes, triplexes, and penthouses with roof-top terraces and luxury amenities. Modern, classic or belle-époque buildings offer apartments with breathtaking views, large terraces, and multiple building amenities (swimming pools, concierge, spas, etc) to pamper their residents and ensure security. There are new and modern high-rise apartment buildings such as the Tour Odeon or Le Stella and centrally located apartments in Monte Carlo to choose from. The availability of apartments is much greater than that of houses and villas, allowing a wider choice of districts to meet clients’ individual lifestyles and location preferences.

Whether you decide to opt for a house or apartment, we invite you to view our portfolio of luxury properties for sale.  In addition, Monaco Estate offers a convenient and personalised property sourcing service designed to find the right house or apartment for our clients when they are needed.